Aloha Mahi'ai

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Aloha Deathsquad Army,

   So what's the deal with the @DeathsquadFarm Hilo Twitter handle, and how does that fit with peace, love and sustainable agriculture?  

     To make a long story as concise as possible, I am forever grateful to Joe Rogan.  We have never met, but The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast has had a major impact on my life.  A few years back I was gong through a difficult time.  A neck injury kept me from training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a popped ear drum kept me out of the ocean, my first attempt at starting my own business was struggling to remain viable, and a relationship of over three years was on the rocks.  I've always tried to remind myself how many people would love to have my problems, but eventually they wore me down and I slipped into depression.  It was miserable.

     I tried everything I could, seeking medical help, counseling, and eventually I found myself sitting in an office with a psychiatrist who looked like a humanoid Jabba the Hut recommending a pharmaceutical approach.  Fortunately I had started listening to the The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast a few months prior, and it helped immensely to provide a positive alternate mindset from which to approach my situation.  If you've heard Joe's be the hero of your own story analogy, that and the holistic impression of several months of listening to the podcast helped to fortify my resolve to get my shit together and proceed as positively as possible.

     I decided I would bootstrap myself out of my predicament.  I started practicing the Ashtanga Primary Series, a very traditional and rigorous yoga routine, six days a week.  Also I revived my practice of Vipassana meditation.  The relationship ended badly, and adjusting the course of the farm took serious perseverance and faith in myself.  Along the way I discovered other fantastic podcasts listed below.  

     In summary, you have the capacity to make your life beautiful.  That is not to say that it will all be pleasure and free of difficulty.  Far from it, as the first noble truth of the Buddha reminds us that life as a human is dukkha, often translated as suffering or misalignment.  However, this suffering is our teacher.  If we examine ourselves introspectively, than it becomes clear that the cause of our suffering is pointing towards our attachments and false understandings.  Rather than rambling on about philosophy of mind, I would like to conclude by reminding you to be the hero of your own story.  Also I would like to again express my deep and humble gratitude to Joe Rogan.  We have never met, and may never speak in person, yet through your podcast you helped to strengthen my resolve in my darkest hour. 

Mahalo Nui Loa,

(Everlasting Great Thanks)

Namaste Bitches


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